Roof Restoration

Restoring your roof is one of the procedures you should consider when thinking of renovating your house. Roofing is always exposed to weather conditions, so it is bound to sustain damage with the passage of time. Whereas most people would jump straight into roof replacement, it is a better option to restore your roof. The restoration involves inspecting and cleaning the roof, repairing all damages and leaks, and even re-coating and re-sealing it. Restoration will bring your roof to its original condition without costing you as much as a replacement.

Roof Tile Restoration

The protective barrier above the decking and beneath the tiles can deteriorate with the passage of time. When tiles outlast their auxiliary components, we can perform a full restoration, maintaining the charm of your existing roof.


Metal Roof Restoration 

Restoring your metal roof is a really cost-efficient solution to maintain it. It’s important to select the right products for your application and choose a trustworthy contractor to do the work for you. In case you choose to restore your metal roofing you will save the cost of a new metal roof replacement, which is also conserving our planet’s resources.


No matter how big or small the problem, we have the most reliable solutions for roof restoration in Adelaide Hills, so do not hesitate to get in touch with us the moment you notice a problem. We always use the highest quality materials and we only do work that is absolutely necessary and agreed upon. Our experienced professionals will come to your house to assess the damage and give you a free quote. We come up with the most cost-effective and long-lasting solutions for your specific needs.

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